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rain 3 °C
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No. of street sweepers per square kilometre: 10 - communism and all that
No. of days snow: 3
Hours spent queueing at train station not to get a ticket: 5
Current pool score: Richard - 13 Pauline - 7
Number of tantrums during pool: Pauline 13 Richard 0
Speed of the Shanghai to Beijing sleeper train: 243 km/h

A quick update from Guilin (home of the HSBC adverts showing the fishermen collaborating with the cormorants). Its nice to finally see some Chinese countryside although the food is still a minefield, for Pauline at least! Who knew Tofu would be served with minced beef sauce (and the menu was in English with no word of a cow!). We flew from Beijing to Guangzhou since there was no other form of transport not fully booked and after a few enjoyable days there took a sleeper bus here which was interesting. Unlike India where the worry is cockroaches and the cold, we suffered from death by Chinese (anti-American) movies and variety shows played throughout the night and the sweltering heat from the air-con not because it was actually hot! Add to that the dolls house-esque furnishing with beds sized for far-eastern proportions and the sealife scene glass flooring meant it was a strange, sleep deprived experience.

Anyway we're here now and it gave us something to blog about! Onto Yangshuo tomorrow (supposedly more picturesque) and then to Hong Kong where we've managed to book the last two beds in town, albeit in a shared dorm with shared squat toilet (good exercise for the quads!).

Struggling to upload videos and photos at the moment or even get on the net sometimes so please be patient, there's lots to share from the last few weeks.

One final thought, in one of the nicest hostels we've stayed in a rat has just ran over my feet! The staff just said: 'Don't scare him he's our pet!'

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I understand the hotel staff,the rat who eats our bird seed is really sweet ! not his fault he,s a rat and abhored by the majority of people,your dad thinks i'm mad !love Val

by val

Happy Whiskey and Flower New Year !! Loved the photos, bet your face was a picture seeing the guards - The Wall looks amazing - certainly puts my walks around York City Walls into perspective ! lots of love xx

by ma baker

Hi you two!

Well I've just had a catch up on your last few posts. Shaun's been caught up for a while so I'm behind. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time and the photos are great. We are very jealous!

Shaun has told me to comment on the greatness that is Miller's beard. he wants to grow his!

Hope you both had lovely birthdays and a happy Chinese new year.

lots of love Paula and shaun x

by Paula and Shaun

O(∩_∩)O~ the statistics result at the begining is funny. i want to know what does it mean with"we suffered from death by Chinese (anti-American) movies and variety shows played throughout the night " ?

by Normanliu

Hi Norman,

Thanks for checking out our blog, hope all is well in Xingping. On the bus to Yangshuo the driver played one strange film about american soldiers getting embarrassed by chinese soldiers. He wouldn't turn it off even though it was the middle of the night, really loud and not very good!

by millfred

I will follow on you two's trip. It's really a suffering stay on a bus for a long time. I have already back to school at Zhuhai. Have a good trip! Best wishes.

by Normanliu

Mmmmmmmmm....Tofu & Beef...a tasty treat ;)

by VickyLa

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