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Week 1

Maharastra Melange

sunny 32 °C
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Its hard to know where to start summing up our first week away but here goes...

You've already heard a bit about Mumbai. The highlights included our night in Bandra, the amazing food, Victoria Terminus, taxi rides and friendly people, leopolds (although we couldn't afford to eat there the beer was good!) and generally finding our way around this bustling place. We tried to go and see a bollywood movie but it turned out just to be a comedy about a guy who worshipped barack obama with no subtitles so we left at the interval which was handy as Pauline had started to nod off! Later that evening we were scouted on the street (quite common apparently, but I like to think they saw star quality) to appear as western extras in an actual Bollywood production being made now. We had to turn them down due to all the other offers we had (pre-blanned bus ride to Pune)!

The day after we went to Elephanta Island (9km out of Mumbai harbour) where they have a lot of Hindu gods statues carved into the rock faces. On the way back our boat's engine blew and we had to get towed back - this was all the more stressful as Pauline was convinced one shifty guy on the boat was a terrorist (think he was just dying for the loo!). Later we walked to Chowpatty Beach and had some Pani Puri ( dough balls filled with what tasted like sea water) and nearly both threw up on the spot in front a few thousand indians tucking into a Maharastran delicacy).

On Monday, we travelled by Bus to Pune which we thought might be more chilled out but with at least 4 million people of its own proved otherwise. If anything the traffic is more crazy because they favour the moped over any four wheels. Here we met our host Nisha who had kindly offered to put us up for the week.

Tuesday we met Nisha's friend Naina who gave us advice on travelling round India and also invited us to her cousin's wedding the same day! We spent the morning visiting some beautiful temples and then upon our return to Nisha's house were provided with traditional Indian wedding clothes (the traveller combats weren't going to cut it apparently). We then went to the grooms apartment complex where I was further kitted out with the Pagdi turban and Pauline a Bindi (decorative marking on the forehead). 270_SANY0224.jpgWe then followed the procession into the five star hotel and were witness to the whole ceremony including the lavish food. We couldn't believe the hospitality and welcoming we had from a party of total strangers! This it seems is what India is all about.

We are having trouble uploading photos but we'll try to put some on facebook in the meantime. Heading to Goa on Friday on an overnight sleeper bus, bit of chillaxing on the beach should be lovely.

More stats to follow in the next mini - update.

Mill & Po xx

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Mumbai Madness

Day 4

sunny 33 °C
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No. of times we went through a red traffic light = 25? (apparently you don't have to follow them at night!)
No. of frantic trips to the toilet = 0 (surprisingly no reaction to the food yet!)
No. of mozzie bites = Richard 1 Pauline 0 (who'd of thought it)
Beard length Richard = 3mm Pauline = 4mm!

Still going strong (maybe pushing it) here in Mumbai. Off to see a bollywood show today and to Elephanta Island (caves and massive Shiva statues) tomorrow. Struggling with the humidity which is keeping us tired all the time. Had a great time with our indian hosts Jasmin and Ajay last night! Our wonderful guides in Bandra

Our wonderful guides in Bandra

Thanks for hospitality and the pan guys (pretty sure we only went so you could see our faces)!Richard tastes Pan

Richard tastes Pan

Pauline tastes Pan

Pauline tastes Pan

Pics and videos to follow when I can find a computer with a usb port.

Keep the messages coming and stay tuned.

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Mumbai Madness

Day 1

all seasons in one day
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No. of hours delayed = 5
No. of near misses in the taxi airport transfer = 42
No. of times taxi driver chose to open the door on the motorway to spit his tobacco out = 4
No. of chapatis consumed = 4

Mumbai so far is crazy, but amazing. Everything we expected as well as the unexpected! Didn't get too much time to look round today due to the flight delay but even at 6pm it was roasting. Managed to go explore a bit and found the Gateway to India, were looking forward to what this city wil throw at us tomorrow.SANY0216.jpg

By the way you can click on each blog entry title (i.e. Mumbai Madness ) to comment.

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The time has come. Plane leaves in less than an hour. Stay tuned for the first news on foreign soil. Hope we haven't forgotten the bog roll!

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T- 24 days and counting...

So, it's not long now before we bid farewell to Liverpool and head off on our adventure. It has occurred to us that we aren't as organised as we thought we would be by now, so we are calling on everyone for ideas on 'not to miss' destinations en route. Any nuggets of travel advice will be gratefully received, as long as they don't take more than 3 weeks to arrange! Please take a peek at our map and have your say on our trip.
Also, if you haven't yet had your official invite - please join us in the Ship & Mitre on Friday 19th November for a bon voyage beverage.


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